Garry Amos - Managing Director


Business is a Science.!


Fulfilment is an Art.!

Leadership & Communication are Art-Forms.!

Where in Business to Change Peoples Lives.!

Garry has 35yrs experience in construction, property development, wholesale property and business acquisitions across multiple industry sectors.​

Garry's capabilities and expertise is buttressed by 8yrs of Advanced Building, Business and Investment Diploma's completed at an Elite Level.

Garry has had high level exposure in conducting and managing seminars and summits specialising in;

Building, property development, Joint Ventures, Engineered Syndications and wholesale development investment.​

Garry has completed $2b plus retail value in a diversity of businesses including construction, development projects, property - business acquisitions, design - construct utilising joint venture and consortium platforms.​

Garry is one of the industry’s most well-known and respected professionals, with a long history of delivering quality projects driving strong financial outcomes.

Garry has also conducted property seminars and major events accommodating 300 to 25,000 attendees daily.

Activity Breeds Activity - Garry's Intuitive, Committed, Winning Mentality produces Massive Results. 

Garry always aims to not only exceed the expectations of joint venture partners, but to maximise the value of final products utilising professional Multiple Scenario planning.


The return on investment as demonstrated in past developments he has continually raised and set industry benchmarks.

High Integrity relationships are embedded in our DNA.

Garry has assisted many charitable and community groups including funding Northmead Deaf Dumb and Blind School Facilities infrastructure upgrades.


Research into Spina Bifida fund raising concerts in collaboration with Ray Martin and Channel 9.

Garry has a Bias towards Win Win Scenarios.!!!!

Garry has directly Driven Investors & Businesses to "Morph" into multi millionaire entities Time and Time Again,”

"Garry has Scaled Businesses and Individuals Revenue by up to 2,400% in only a Year from Humble Beginnings"

Intuitive Style of Innovation

Communicator; Linguistically


Building and Property Expert

JV & Consortium Specialist

Life and Business Strategist

“Execution will trump knowledge every day of the week.”


Action with a Winners Mentality


Critiquing Property and Business Acquisitions

  • Licensed Builder's, developer's, joint venture and syndication professionals.

  • Direct Bias towards aligning people with opportunity. People Power Win - Win..!!

  • Business strategist's with a magnified perspective of wholesale development

  • Acquisition of property development sites and existing Business Structures.

  • Design and construction expert's with emphasis towards ROI and IRR.

  • Boutique design & construct developments utilising Joint Ventures and Consortium's.

Experience and Expertise - Modelling = Accurate Forecasting

  • Design, masterplanned & construct. Executive Estates $200m retail value.

  • Completion of Design and Construction residential apartments up to 20 levels.

  • Completion of Design and Construction Retirement Villages over 200 units per site.

  • Completion of Design and Construction hospitals and commercial projects.

  • Development and Asset Management of Projects ranging from $10 to $100m.

  • Founder, marketing, Business development of enterprises with turnover $300m

     Builders and Developers

  • Design, masterplanning and construction of executive homes up to $15m.

  • Site specific marketing programs inclusive of Integrated Specific Websites.

  • Design, masterplanning and construction of Executive Dual Occupancies 5,000 +.

  • Dual occupancies up to $10m value - several thousand developments.

  • Up to 300 medium density development's including marketing campaigns.

  • Design, masterplanning and construction of executive apartment developments.

  • Up to 200 Apartments per development staged subsequent marketing campaigns.

     Consortiums and Joint Ventures

  • Viability, due diligence and feasibility studies - property and business development.

  • Local-State Gov. Negotiation of regeneration projects, re-zonings increasing yield value.

  • Development financing utilising institutions, private equity & crowdfunding.

  • Collaboration of professionals - quantity surveyors, valuers, architects, partners etc.

  • Planning, Evolution & Implementation of Major Business Structures from inception.

  • Business exponential growth plans start-up, medium and advanced enterprises.

  • Acquisition-Development Management of Infrastructure, desalination & water projects.

  • Corporate recommendation, restructure, Implementation and amalgamation.

       Seminars and Events:

  • Joint Ventured Property seminars with the Stockland Group 3,000 attendees nightly.

  • Consultant Strategic Management, financial, marketing plans for major sports venues.

  • Negotiation 5-yr contract - 4WD Association 22,000 patrons Sydney Raceway.

  • Negotiation 5-yr contract with CIVINEX 10,000 patrons Sydney Raceway.

  • Negotiation 5-yr contract - Q-Dance Festival “IQON” 25,000 patrons Sydney Raceway.

  • Charitable event specialist fundraising and awareness medical science & facilities.