Garry has always utilised design and construct techniques with JV clients to assist building property portfolio's with a Win Win Philosophy. Personally I have grown financially with a wholesale property portfolio developed by Garry over the years. I have seen other parties do the same time and time again under Garry's Guidance. 

Jeff Wilson / Finlease Australia

Garry has the ability to take charge of a project and see it fulfil its potential. Garry has always driven value added service. 

Bain Donovan / Director Donovan Property Consulting

Garry has a unique talent of unearthing highly engineered value added services. He has the uncanny ability to align the right team of professionals to identify Wholesale Property Opportunities. 

He always utilises his experience and team in providing high yield returns for Individuals or Consortiums. I've always known Garry's Business Ventures to be boutique by nature with a bias for mitigating risk. 
Shane Strong / Director Strong Industries
Garry has the experience and ability to quickly and eloquently recognise the needs of others. His ability to articulate solutions for property developments by way of JV and business relationships is exceptional. 

He is a leader able to consolidate stakeholders including individuals, consortium, developers, builders, lending bodies, heads of local and state government departments.
Mark Panos / Director PanVest Property